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... and the search for a good answer. TRUTH and DARE are the two dimensions of a good answer.

TRUTH or DARE COACHING® is a program and the foundation for successful interaction. "Truth or Dare" is also a game. Players are given a choice. The choice of telling the truth or of accepting and performing a dare set. These are often the same dynamics people face later in their career. Developing the right response to both challenges is effective and has been proven to be useful. Knowing and being able to effectively apply TRUTH or DARE is crucial to personal success. The program has been developed by me, on the basis of years of expertise in coaching as well as in working as a manager in NGOs and the industry. 

TRUTH is what needs to be heard and understood. Sometimes truth hurts - but it can also create positive disruption. Truth helps us to find zero point, reset and make a fresh start.


DARE is about how we act on a personal level. The actions you take to achieve a goal, speaking up and talking things over, taking a risk, doing things differently and having the confidence to make necessary demands. 

When TRUTH and DARE come together, what emerges is confidence in ourselves. The strength you generated in TRUTH or DARE COACHING® will help you to find new impulses for your work and your personal life.



Systemic Coach since 2003  

Certified by the professional association: Systemic Society in Germany (SG)


Manager & Leader (Pharmaceutical Industry)

Patient-Centric Corporate & Indication Strategy


Guest lecturer (EBS University of Business & Law)

Dialogue Marketing


Social Education Degree (University of Applied Sciences)

Career Guidance & Application Training in the Context of Chronic Diseases


Most TRUTH or DARE Coaching® clients are executives who work in the private sector, social services, health care institutions and non-government organizations (NGOs). 

Team coaching and supervision requests are also popular. Most such sessions focus on team building, conflict resolution and preparing as a team to tackle upcoming challenges. 

Individuals also benefit from the coaching concept, for example to make progress and solve issues over career changes, conflict with supervisors or coworkers, and aspects of work-life balance. 


Patient Voice is one of my key interests.

This is also my main area of expertise as a manager in a global pharmaceutical company.



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My first language is German and I am fluent in English.

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